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The team at Tem Control understands HVAC service. Whether you’re dealing with AC repair, furnace installation, boiler maintenance HVAC repair or any other HVAC services, we have the solution for you. We began operations in 2006 in Algonquin, IL, and ever since then, our HVAC contractors have provided the highest level of professional service through our great skill and experience.

There is no better way to make sure your home or business feels comfortable all year long with Tem Control’s boiler, air conditioning, and furnace repair Algonquin experts. Our professionals make sure that every part of your HVAC system is operating efficiently. That includes your air purification systems, thermostat, and ventilation work.

You can always count on Tem Control to be there when you need us for heating repair, HVAC installation, AC service, and everything else in between. We are your local HVAC contractors Algonquin bringing you the expertise you want for your home or office. 

Tem Control Heating And Cooling Services Algonquin List

Cooling Services
We’ll keep you cool in the summer with professional air conditioning repair Algonquin, ac maintenance, or even AC installation done right.
Heating Services
From a broken-down furnace repair to boiler maintenance, our heating repair experts can keep your space comfortable all year.
Air Quality
Breathe right with Tem Control’s air purification solutions. We’ll provide the proper air filtration system that fits your space perfectly.
Packaged Units
Get your all-in-one heating and cooling services Algonquin with a packaged unit built for all seasons. We can expertly install it.
Comfort Controls
Stay in control of your environment with the latest thermostats available. We’ll show you how easy they are to use.
Count on our furnace service experts for fast and reliable furnace repair, or when you need it, furnace installation or furnace replacement.
Heat Pumps
Our heating repair professionals can handle your heat pump issues to maintain a comfortable home all year long.
Garage Heaters
When you need a heated garage space, our heating and cooling services specialists can take care of your needs quickly.
We offer a full range of heating repair services so our team can also maintain your boiler.
Stay cool all summer long with our full range of air conditioning services, from AC repair, through AC installation to AC maintenance Algonquin.
Air Purification
Clean air is important in every home. That’s why our HVAC contractors can provide service and advice on air purification.
Humidity Control
Not all hvac companies deal with every aspect of the home but expect our expertise for even humidity control.
Our HVAC service offers professional attention to your entire ventilation system to maintain an efficient flow of air.
Keep your airflow clean with the right filters. Let our HVAC contractors make sure you have the proper air filtration.
A new thermostat can keep your entire HVAC system operating with precision. Find the perfect thermostat through our HVAC service Algonquin.
With our heating and cooling service specialist, you can benefit from dampers to regulate airflow in your home as needed.

Why Choose Our Air Conditioning Repair & HVAC Repair Company Algonquin?

Take full control of your heating and cooling services by calling Tem Control. We have expert HVAC contractors ready to go when you need us most. So whether you need fast, reliable heating repair, air conditioning installation Algonquin, or general HVAC service, you can count on us for an exceptionally fast response. As the best of the hvac companies in the area, Tem Control stands ready to be there for you. That kind of service only comes from experience and a special dedication to our customers. Check how our customers rate us


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Tem Control is The Answer to all Your Air Conditioning Repair, Heating Repair & HVAC Repair Algonquin Needs

Don’t get frustrated by malfunctioning air conditioners or broken-down furnaces. You can take control with Tem Control. Whether you need furnace repair, air conditioning service, or professional HVAC contractors Algonquin for your entire home’s system, Tem Control has the solutions to keep your home functioning and comfortable. With the experience of our heating and cooling services, you never have to think twice about what to do when you need answers the most. Simply leave it to the professionals in furnace repair and replacement, AC repair, HVAC service.

At Tem Control, we work very hard every day to be the very best HVAC contractors in the business. That’s why you can always count on our team of experts to handle anything you need when you need it most including air conditioning installation, furnace repair Algonquin, and the most comprehensive HVAC service in the industry. There is no better, more reliable way to achieve the ultimate comfort in your home than calling Tem Control. We’ll be there for you quickly with the ability to fix it all. Your HVAC service needs are under control with the experts at Tem Control.


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Why Is My Furnace Leaking?

An incorrectly installed flue is the primary cause of a furnace leak. The flue is a big pipe made of metal that moves exhaust out from home. When your flue is installed poorly or is too small, it may trap heat, become cool and turn moisture into liquid over time. Another possible reason for a leaking standard furnace system is when a humidity-control system is directly linked to your furnace system or ducts. Common culprits of gas furnace leak include clogged drain system line, damaged or not properly working heat exchanger, and damaged drain pan or drain line. If furnace replacement is not your option, make sure that proper furnace installation is implemented.

Can I close the air conditioning vents in unoccupied rooms or rooms that are used less?

Closing a few vents is acceptable if you want to send maximum airflow to your favorite rooms. But, make sure to close only 20% or less of the vents in your house. Air conditioners also need to breathe, so closing more than the recommended number of vents can choke your system, leading to unnecessary ac repair.

How does a heat pump work?

Since cold attracts heat, the coil inside your ac draws the heat inside your home during summer to the refrigerant pumping, then discard it outside using the condenser fan motor. During winter, your ac does the opposite. It attracts heat outdoors then sends the warmed refrigerant in the indoor coil, sending warmed air inside your home.

How often should I change the air filters?

Manufacturers recommend replacing filters once a month. But in reality, you are wasting money for doing so. Since every home is unique, check your filter in the light after 1 month. If you can see the light through it, you could wait for another month to change it. If they are still clean after 2 months, you can wait 3 months. But, never leave air filters in your ac for more than 3 months. It is also best to use the white pleated air filter, an accordion-looking filter that offers more filter space.

How often should I have an air conditioning service for my unit?

Heating and cooling units require scheduled check-ups from hvac contractors to ensure optimal efficiency. Experts recommend an annual service and inspection call along with personal inspections to implement furnace repair, repair or replace any failing components, or lubricate parts of your ac.

What are the different types of air conditioners?

Central air conditioners use an indoor air handler (that works with a heat pump or furnace) and an outdoor condenser to send cool air inside your home.Ductless mini-split air conditioners use individual air handlers mounted throughout the home, joined to an outdoor heat pump. It provides zone cooling in areas that require it the most.Heat pumps operate for cooling and heating. It is also an option for central air conditioning.Portable and window air conditioners are another option for space cooling. But these systems are not ideal for whole-home cooling applications as they can only cool one room at a time.

How to measure the efficiency of an air conditioner?

SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is a unit that is calculated by dividing your AC’s cooling output over an average cooling season by the electric energy input over the same period. An air conditioner is more efficient when it has a higher SEER rating. The law only allows a minimum SEER rating of 13 or 14 for newly manufactured air conditioners, depending on the country you’re in. The most efficient ac you can find in the market has about 22 SEER ratings.

When should I replace my existing AC unit?

Replace your existing AC unit before it even fails. This way, you can avoid rushing to make a replacement decision. The signs indicating that it’s time to look for a new ac unit are:

  • The unit is not efficient enough to meet your needs.
  • It’s more than 10 years old.
  • Your energy cost is increasing.
  • It requires regular refrigerant refills.

Sometimes, a simple hvac repair is enough to fix these issues. But when a repair is no longer safe or practical, we will let you know and give you recommendations for a more appropriate replacement option.

Why are my ducts making a popping sound when the furnace stops or starts?

Usually, popping noises shows that a duct is too small to handle the airflow generated by your system. Expert air conditioning repair specialists can determine if your ductwork requires necessary adjustments.

Are there any necessary actions I can take to make my air conditioner more energy-efficient?

Among the ways to keep your energy use low during summer includes the following:

  • Ensure that the air vents in your home are unrestricted and are open.
  • Use a programmable thermostat to regulate the use of your air conditioning unit when you are not at home.
  • Do regular filter changes and maintenance.
  • Utilize ceiling fans to turn a few degrees up in your thermostat and still feel comfortable.
Is it better to turn on ceiling fans if I want to circulate air through my home or turn the fan on and the thermostat on?

It is best to turn on the ceiling fans, except if you use an electronic filter that needs steady air.

Financing Your AC Repair or Furnace Installation Algonquin is Available

Tem Control is partnered with Lennox, the most recognized name in heating and cooling products. Contact Tem Control for experts in new Lennox systems and great financing options available.


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