Blog5 Tips for Better Air Conditioning Performance

March 29, 2021by admin

When it comes to the care and maintenance of your home’s or office’s air conditioning, as well as performing air conditioning repair tasks in order to keep it working properly for several years to come, our HVAC contractors are the best choice when it comes to that topic. Although we know that you want to do some air conditioning service jobs on your own, here in this article we’ll guide you on what exact jobs you can do to improve your A/C unit’s performance.

Inspect the thermostat

The thermostat is one of the most important A/C components that should be inspected during maintenance, as it helps you have a more comfortable environment. If your thermostat presents issues, we recommend its replacement with a programmable one, which allows you to set the temperature at any point in your home and reduce energy and usage costs for your A/C unit.

Clean and replace air filter regularly

Cleaning your air conditioning system’s filters will depend a lot on the prevailing weather conditions at the time of doing it: if you do it during the spring, you only have to clean it once; while during the summer, you must do it on a monthly basis. Regardless, cleaning the filters helps the airflow to remain smooth by removing the presence of dirt, dust, and allergic particles.

Inspect the condensing unit

If your unit presents cracks or chips on its fan blade, it must be replaced.  The same goes with putting more oil on your fan motor frequently if your model is older since your A/C operation depends on the condensing unit being in good condition. If your unit has major problems such as overheating, melted insulation, burnt cables, etc.; call us for a respective AC repair service.

Lean the external part of the system regularly

When cleaning the external parts of the air conditioning unit, you must make sure that the system is completely turned off and then remove any dirt or dust that is inside by using a garden hose. If you require a professional’s assistance to carry out larger maintenance work, contact us.

Inspect system wiring

It is important that you check your system’s wiring by using an electrical tester in the system capacitor area and inspecting the contractor switch for any damage that requires repair. If you need professional help, you can contact a professional