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Tem Control is very proud to be partnered with Lennox, most recognized experts in cooling and heating systems. Contact Tem Control for highest heating and cooling services and outstanding Lennox systems. Speak to us about the incredible financing options we have available.
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For heating and cooling services Algonquin, the citizens turn to Tem Control for their experience and professionalism. Winters can be bitter, and for furnace repair and furnace replacement Algonquin, they are at the top of their game, doing every heating service with integrity and an eye on the customer’s well-being. They have been serving Algonquin for 14 years, and have made a name for themselves, and a loyal customer base that, through word of mouth promotion, has made Tem Control the go-to heating and HVAC service company to call when your heating or cooling isn’t working properly.  With skill and dedication, they are the best of the best.

For residential and commercial HVAC or furnace work in Algonquin, Tem Control is on the job and will do it well, and on budget, always in the time quoted by their licensed surveying contractor. And they will make sure the whole system is working perfectly before deeming the job complete. 

The team at Tem Control is always on the job and can be to your home or business with a short window after you call. Let them bring comfort to you, and ride out those harsh Algonquin winters in warmth. For heating, for cooling, for installs and HVAC repair Algonquin call Tem Control. They will take care of your HVAC needs and give you the comfort and peace of mind you deserve.

Take Care of Your Comfort And Safety With Our Furnace Repairman Algonquin

Anyone who has endured an Algonquin winter knows how important it is to have a quality heating system in the home. It might be a furnace, or maybe a boiler, but either way, it keeps you and your home safe and cozy. But, as things often do, your furnace or boiler can and will fail at the least convenient time. And it cannot be predicted. One day it works, and the next it is just done. The reason they fail is either a lack of routine maintenance or just simple old age. That is why it is of tremendous importance that you schedule furnace service before winter with the crew at Heatmasters. They will repair or replace your furnace and give you peace of mind during the colder months. 

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Range of Services For Furnace Repair Algonquin

Cooling Services
The heat won’t ruin your summer with our expert AC repair, maintenance and installation done by professional HVAC contractors Algonquin.
Heating Services
Trust our furnace service Algonquin for all your heating system repairs and replacements in Algonquin
Air Quality
Tem Control’s air purification service will take the air in your home to new levels of clean, so you can breathe easy.
Packaged Units
If you like an all-inclusive HVAC package Algonquin, we have the unit for you and will professionally install it
Comfort Controls
Our HVAC contractors Algonquin will put the power of climate control in your hands and teach you how to use it
For all your heating needs, at Tem Control, furnaces are our specialty. Call us for professional furnace installation Algonquin.
Heat Pumps
We offer heating pump repair you can count on in Algonquin. Never concern yourself with it breaking down at the wrong time.
Garage Heaters
Do those garage projects in the perfect temperature once our HVAC contractors Algonquin install the perfect garage heater
At Tem Control, we don’t just do furnace repair Algonquin, but also expert boiler maintenance is done by our heating contractors Algonquin.
Air conditioners
Call Tem Control for all your AC & HVAC repair Algonquin and AC service needs and keep the heat out of your home this summer.
Air Purification
The HVAC experts at Tem Control know that for your home in Algonquin, you want the air to be pure for your families health and happiness
Humidity Control
Furnace installation Algonquin is just a part of our offer, Tem Control also offers the best in humidity control, keeping your home from moisture, which prevents rot and mold.
Your house will never feel stuffy again after one of our ventilation experts in Algonquin inspect your home for areas that could use more flow.
Your HVAC and furnace systems in Algonquin need to have their filters changed regularly and Tem Control HVAC repair Algonquin can help you with that.
When you have Tem Control inspect your thermostat for function and efficiency, we guarantee a thermostat failure will never ruin your day
Tem Control HVAC installation Algonquin team can install an HVAC system that lets different zones of your home be different temps keeping everyone comfortable

Why Tem Control Is Your Best Choice for HVAC installation and Furnace repair Algonquin?

With our impressive staff of HVAC companies Algonquin, you can be sure that when you get your furnace serviced by Tem Control, we will give you back the control over your home’s temperature in a timely manner, and with a sense of professionalism that has made Tem Control the gold standard in HVAC service and  furnace installation Algonquin. We only hire the best HVAC contractors to ensure the quality and skill our customers in Algonquin have come to expect from Tem Control when they have heating or cooling needs. When you want to have your HVAC system serviced by a dedicated professional, look no further than Tem Control HVAC service Algonquin team.


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Experts at work
This winter I had to endure the worst case scenario…my heater died, and it happened in the coldest part of the night. I didn’t think anyone would do furnace service Algonquin within such a short period after my heater broke, but TEM Control HVAC, Inc. arrived only a few hours after my panicked call for help. They sent one of their licensed and bonded HVAC repair contractors Algonquin and he showed up with a smile, and a willingness to dive right in and get our heat back on. He literally saved our lives. They were amazing.

Charles V.

Simply amazing
When I lived in both Milwaukee and St. Paul, which are some pretty terrible places to be in the winter. I bought a mid-century Victorian and I knew it would be pricey to replace my heating system, but the staff was very polite and reasonable, explained everything, and guaranteed there would be no hidden cost. And they weren’t. They did my furnace replacement very quickly and got my home nice and toasty in no time. I will definitely call them if I need any other HVAC service while in Algonquin. I am a loyal TEM customer.

Harry B.

Saved my life
I genuinely HATE the cold. I moved to Algonquin to help my sick father. But when I heard a terrible racket coming from the basement, I knew it could only be the HVAC system. I have a blood issue and my body has trouble staying warm, so I was sure I was doomed. But after a quick call to TEM, one of their licensed HVAC service techs came to our home and gave me news that was a big weight off my mind. He said it didn’t need to be replaced, just a quick heating repair, and he knew how cold Algonquin could get for people with special conditions. They sent a crew within a day and had our heater repair done before the outside cold could chill the inside of the house. I never knew HVAC contractors could work so fast, but I think they noticed my fear and really cared.

Linda Y.

Tem Control did a great job on our furnace repair Algonquin. It functions beautifully again. The HVAC contractor was at our door quickly and he got the job done in only a few short minutes. These professionals know how to handle furnace repair.

Gary Carpio

Through the experts at Tem Control, our furnace replacement Algonquin went perfectly. Their excellent advice and amazing work provided us with the new furnace installation our home needed and we loved their HVAC contractors. Their exceptional work made us very happy, so we have no problem giving them our recommendation.

Shelby W. Gaston

Financing is available for your HVAC installation or heating repair Algonquin

Tem Control has partnered with Lennox, one of the top names in the business of heating and cooling systems. Our professionals can give you the Tem Control expertise with a Lennox HVAC system, and even offer financing options. Let us put one of these Lennox HVAC systems in your home.