BlogThe Answers You Need If Your Home Air Conditioner Sounds Like An Airplane

April 22, 2021by admin

Air conditioners provide cooling while maintaining a silent presence in the room. It is very crucial that it operates optimally, which also means it must maintain a low decibel level that blends in with the background noise of the room. If it is making any noise that is standing out and disturbing the room peace, then you might need to have it checked out for a professional air conditioning service.

One the mild side of the spectrum

Air conditioners hum everytime they turn on but if that humming is continuous and rather louder than normal then definitely get your air conditioner checked out. If a distracting blowing noise is heard that is audible enough and seems to stand out when the air conditioner is working, then it is a good reason to get your air conditioner serviced.

When an air conditioner is turned off then you might hear a faint clicking noise which is normal. But if the clicking noise is continuous and loud then there may be debris stuck that might need clearing. Overall, you can avoid a costly AC repair with a regular AC maintenance service from your trusted company.

On the dangerous side of the spectrum

One very common reason for rattling and other significant noise coming from your unit is because of age. Under long-term use, an optimized air conditioning installation or its components will likely succumb to age and will need an air conditioning repair or replacement.

You will hear a buzzing noise that is prominent if your motor is causing friction or the condenser condenser coil is dry. An even more concerning sound that should not be coming out of an airconditioning unit is a banging noise which is most likely due to dislocation of components or loose parts like screws and springs. If you hear noises like gurgling or hissing then there is a high chance of a refrigerant leak or compressor that needs repair. 

A loud squealing noise in your air conditioning unit is most likely due to components like the motor belt or fan blower belt that are loose and need replacing. This noise could also be due to pressure increase inside the AC component. Air conditioners can also make whistling noise that indicates a clogged air duct or messy air duct or any other component damage. In all cases, please contact our HVAC contractors for professional service done at once.