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Tem Control is very proud to be partnered with Lennox, most recognized experts in cooling and heating systems. Contact Tem Control for highest heating and cooling services and outstanding Lennox systems. Speak to us about the incredible financing options we have available.
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Our HVAC contractors in Bolingbrook at Tem Control know how to bring you the HVAC services you need and expect. You might be looking for a furnace installation, boiler maintenance, AVAC service, or ac repair Bolingbrook, and we have the right solutions ready to go for you. In 2006, we began serving the community with our professional team of HVAC contractors in Bolingbrook, IL, and since that time, we have always worked incredibly hard to provide an exceptional level of service, skill, and expertise on every job.

We offer you the best way to achieve total comfort all year long in your home or business, including Tem Control’s amazing air conditioning repair in Bolingbrook. Our HVAC contractors in Bolingbrook can take on your whole HVAC system to keep it operating efficiently. That includes specialization in your air purification system, thermostat, and even all your ventilation.

Trust Tem Control for fast service when you need us for any HVAC repair in Bolingbrook. We are your top local HVAC contractors in Bolingbrook offering a comprehensive list of services with great expertise for your home or business.

Our Complete Range of Services Offered by Exceptionally Qualified HVAC Contractors Bolingbrook

Cooling Services
Let us keep you cool all summer with reliable air conditioning repair, maintenance, and AC installation in Bolingbrook.
Heating Services
For any furnace repairs and boiler maintenance, our HVAC contractors in Bolingbrook are prepared to bring you the heat.
Air Quality
Tem Control’s air purification solutions will allow you to breathe easier with clean air and the right air filtration systems.
Packaged Units
Discuss your all-in-one heating and AC service Bolingbrook with us. We’ll let you know if a packaged unit for all seasons is the right option for you.
Comfort Controls
Retain total control with the latest thermostat technology on the market. Our installer will be happy to show you how to handle it.
Trust our professional HVAC contractors in Bolingbrook to give you fast, reliable furnace repair, or a new furnace installation.
Heat Pumps
Our heating repair specialists can handle issues with your heat pump to give you a comfortable environment in your home all year.
Garage Heaters
For an amazing heated garage that you can enjoy any time of year, our heating and cooling services can do it right.
We offer a complete range of heating repair services, so we have the boiler maintenance you need for your home or business.
Air conditioners
Keep cool and comfortable this summer with our ac maintenance in Bolingbrook. From superior AC repair in Bolingbrook to AC service, our experts can take care of it.
Air Purification
Your home’s air can be clean and healthy with the help of our HVAC contractors who can provide the service and advice on air purification you’re looking for.
Humidity Control
Not every heating and cooling company can handle every piece of your home’s environment, but our team can, even for your humidity control.
Our HVAC service in Bolingbrook comes with expert attention for your entire ventilation system to keep an efficient airflow for your home.
The air that runs through your HVAC system needs to be clean for your own health and the health of your system. Have our HVAC contractors in Bolingbrook provide you with the proper filters.
A new and easy-to-use digital thermostat is designed to maintain efficiency and precision for your HVAC system, from the furnace to the air conditioner. We’ll show you the right thermostat for your home.
Our experts in heating and AC service in Bolingbrook can determine if your home might benefit from dampers to regulate airflow.

Why Choose Tem Control’s HVAC and Air Conditioning Repair Bolingbrook

Take complete control of your heating and AC services Bolingbrook with Tem Control. Thanks to our experienced HVAC contractors, we are ready to serve you fast when you need us most. So if you want quick, reliable AC repair or air conditioning installation in Bolingbrook and neighboring areas, you can always count on us for professional HVAC service. With the very best HVAC contractors Bolingbrook has available, Tem Control is always prepared to give you prompt and efficient service. Our level of expertise can only come from experienced professionals with a remarkable dedication to our customers.


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Tem Control Responds to Your Need for Any AC Repair Bolingbrook

When you get hot due to a broken air conditioner, remember to stay in control with Tem Control. You may need a new air conditioning installation, AC repair, or simply AC maintenance, and you are completely covered by the certified professionals at Tem Control. We have all the resources you need for a comfortable home all summer long. With our tremendously experienced AC maintenance in Bolingbrook to serve you, there is no longer a need to search for a quick solution to a troubled air conditioner. Our professionals in AC service in Bolingbrook will get it right.

Tem Control works diligently every day to be the absolute best and most reliable company for air conditioning service Bolingbrook. So you can always trust our team to handle everything you need, from a new air conditioning installation to AC service and AC repair Bolingbrook. Only Tem Control can offer AC service in Bolingbrook that you can trust for complete comfort the Tem Control way. Call us today for fast, friendly, and reliable service that is ready to deal with your AC maintenance.


Step 1: Call Us Or Send A Quote

Inquire about our services by giving us a call. We offer an estimated quote for the service depending on the air conditioning service you require. Once you decide to hire us, call us back immediately to schedule the ideal day.

Step 2: Accept Quotation

Get in touch with us again and let us know you are hiring us for the ac maintenance or air conditioning repair in Bolingbrook. We will put you in our schedule immediately to move forward with the service soon.

Step 3: Discuss The Details And Arrival Date With Us

Once we have agreed on the best day, our team will arrive at your place and begin the inspection. After discussing all the details, we can have a clearer picture of the issue and know the right solution to apply.

Step 4: Enjoy Properly Working Air Conditioner

We will aim to complete the project on time, be it an air conditioning installation or ac repair Bolingbrook and satisfy you with the results. You can expect a perfectly functional AC unit for the years to come.

Air Conditioning Installation Bolingbrook 6 Benefits Of It

Greatest comfort and relief
Advantageous about air conditioning installation Bolingbrook is its ability to improve a room’s comfort. It maintains a desirable temperature, warding off humidity and heat.
Boosts efficiency of humans
A productive work environment has an ac installation to keep its workers comfortable and focused.
Exterminate contaminating germs
High-end air conditioning units can get rid of viruses and germs in the air, creating a refreshing and germ-free environment.
Longer operating life
Cheaper air conditioners only work for a limited period, while high-end ACs are more efficient and have longer operating life.
Environmental impacts
The operating system of top-notch air conditioners is intended to produce less pollution, making them healthier for the environment.
Varied options available
You can choose from a wide array of types, depending on your needs.

TEM Control HVAC is the leading air conditioning repair and installation company in Bolingbrook. When you need someone to fix your AC unit, contact us right away!


We called Tem Control for our AC repair in Bolingbrook and the HVAC contractor arrived sooner than expected. He also got our air conditioning to work again in just a few minutes. We were very happy with the service and with the new thermostat upgrade he provided us. What an outstanding AC service Bolingbrook!

Simon Beckles

Tem Control took care of our AC repair in Bolingbrook in short order. And the detailed information they provided about an air filtration system was extremely helpful. Tem Control is highly recommended.

Andrew Goldburne

My air conditioning installation in Bolingbrook was efficient, clean, and very well done. Their employees were very friendly and took care of everything for me, answering any questions I had along the

Tara Kanhouse

We Now Offer Financing for Your AC Service Bolingbrook
Tem Control is a proud Lennox partner, the leading name in heating and cooling systems. Contact Tem Control for the finest in AC service in Bolingbrook that is backed by the great Lennox name and find out about our special financing options available now.