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Tem Control is very proud to be partnered with Lennox, most recognized experts in cooling and heating systems. Contact Tem Control for highest heating and cooling services and outstanding Lennox systems. Speak to us about the incredible financing options we have available.
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The heating and cooling professionals at Tem Control know top-quality HVAC service in Schaumburg. Whether you need furnace repair, furnace installation, boiler maintenance, HVAC repairs, or HVAC installation Schaumburg, we can help. We started serving the Algonquin, IL community in 2006, and since then, our HVAC contractors from Schaumburg and beyond have met the needs of so many with the highest professional standards, great skill, and extensive experience.

There are no heating companies Schaumburg that are better suited to make sure your home or business feels comfortable all throughout the year than Tem Control. Our HVAC contractors Schaumburg are here to keep your entire HVAC system operating as it should, including your air purification systems, thermostat, and ventilation.

You can always count on Tem Control to be available for your heating repair, HVAC installation, AC service, and more for total home comfort. We are your local HVAC contractors Schaumburg that care about your home and office comfort in all seasons.

Take Care of Your Comfort And Safety With Our Furnace Repairman Schaumburg

Winters can be deadly in some places, and Schaumburg is no stranger to arctic chills and blowing snow. And if your heating system is going to fail, in the coldest parts of the winter months is the most likely time for it to happen. Sometimes it is just from age, but often, it fails due to a lack of knowledge in how to prep it for the colder months ahead. The last thing you want is an emergency situation on your hands when your furnace dies unexpectedly. That is why furnace service in Schaumburg is so important. Our crew at Heatmasters specializes in preparing and repairing your furnace if needed, keeping it running all winter long. ANd we even do furnace installation in Schaumburg.

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Tem Control Heating And Cooling Services Schaumburg

Cooling Services
Let our team keep you cool through the summer months with expert air conditioning repair, ac maintenance, and even AC installation that’s handled right.
Heating Services
A broken-down furnace repair or boiler that needs maintenance is not a worry when our furnace repair Schaumburg experts are on the job.
Air Quality
Make sure you’re breathing clean air with Tem Control’s air purification systems. Let us provide the perfect air filtration system for your home.
Packaged Units
You’re in the right place for all-in-one heating and cooling services through a single packaged unit that’s designed for every season, expertly installed.
Comfort Controls
Maintain full control of your comfort zones with the cutting edge in thermostat technology. Our HVAC contractors Schaumburg can provide all the details you need.
Trust in our furnace service Schaumburg with fast and reliable expertise that can handle your furnace repair. And if it’s a new unit you need, we provide professional furnace installation or furnace replacement.
Heat Pumps
With our heating repair Schaumburg, you don’t have to worry about your broken heat pump. We’ll leave you with a comfortable home through all kinds of weather.
Garage Heaters
Give your garage a boost by making it a comfortable place you can enjoy. Our HVAC contractors in Schaumburg are here to give you a nice heated garage space.
We have a complete range of services for heating repair Schaumburg, and that includes maintaining your boiler with specialized expertise.
Air conditioners
Always stay cool in your own home, leaving the unbearable heat outside with the help of our air conditioning services, from AC repair to AC installation and AC maintenance.
Air Purification
Having clean air in your home is a key part of your overall health. So our HVAC contractors in Schaumburg offer great services and advice on air purification.
Humidity Control
Not all HVAC companies in Schaumburg can handle everything in your home. But with our excellent team, expect top-level expertise for everything, including humidity control.
Our HVAC service Schaumburg offers the expert attention that your entire ventilation system needs for efficient airflow throughout your home.
Keep your air as clean as possible and your HVAC system working efficiently with the right air filters. Our HVAC contractors in Schaumburg can discuss your air filtration with you.
A new thermostat keeps your entire HVAC system operating precisely under any conditions. Find your new top-quality thermostat through our professional HVAC service Schaumburg.
Our heating and cooling services are always ready with expert advice, so find out if you can benefit from dampers that regulate airflow in your home. Speak directly to our HVAC repair Schaumburg contractors.

Why Tem Control is Right for Furnace Installation & Furnace Repair Schaumburg?

Take control of your heating services by calling Tem Control. We have superior HVAC contractors in Schaumburg available and we’re prepared for you when you need our services most. So whether you’re seeking expert heating repair, furnace installation, or furnace repair Schaumburg, count on our team to be there fast. As the best of the HVAC companies Schaumburg, Tem Control brings you the kind of specialized service that can only come from experience and full dedication to our customers.


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Get Your Furnace Repair Schaumburg

Get Your Furnace Repair

Illinois winters can be harsh, the last thing you want is a broken furnace in the middle of a winter storm. Not only will this result in extreme discomfort to you and your loved ones, but it could also become a potentially hazardous situation. So, before the next cold snap, make sure you arrange a professional HVAC service check, to ensure your furnace is ready for the coming winter. At Tem Control, our skilled HVAC contractors Schaumburg based, will assess your furnace for any issues that need to be addressed and ensure that it is working efficiently and effectively. Our professional furnace repair contractors will be able to carry out any repairs, or furnace replacements that are needed at affordable prices.

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Tem Control was fantastic in helping with my furnace repair Schaumburg. They were fast, reliable, and thorough, going over the right air purification solution for me. They were a great help and I am so glad I called them.

Dominic Harris

We were thrilled with how our furnace replacement Schaumburg went. Tem Control’s people were very clear and offered excellent details about the work, which made our experience with them worry-free.

Elizabeth Brown

I spoke with Tem Control about my new furnace installation Schaumburg and was happy to see them arrive so quickly. The job was handled well by an expert HVAC contractor who was polite, cheerful, and professional.

Liam Anderson

Tem Control made short work of my furnace repair Schaumburg, getting it working perfectly again. Someone was here quickly and the work was completed in just a few minutes. They know what they’re doing.

Thomas Whilson

Thanks to Tem Control, our furnace replacement Schaumburg was handled very smoothly. Their advice and solid work gave us the new furnace installation we needed and their HVAC contractors were fantastic, leaving us with a very professional job. We are very happy to recommend their services.

Susan Lee

Furnace Installation Schaumburg Process Includes

Which furnace is right for you
Our HVAC contractors Schaumburg will show you the furnace models we have at Tem Control and help you make the choice of one that meets all your needs.
Choosing a manufacturer
When we discuss your budget and draw up a furnace installation Schaumburg estimate, we will discuss the different brands and models that we stock.
Perform sizing calculations
There are various factors that need to be calculated for your furnace to work efficiently and effectively. Our HVAC contractors will measure the area of your house and carry out other calculations including: air infiltration rates, window layout and interior heat gain.
Selecting an efficiency rating
Energy efficiency plays a large part in how your energy bills will be affected by your new furnace. The higher the efficiency, the lower the effect on your energy bills.
Furnace installation
Our HVAC contractors will arrive at your home, on time, to install your furnace, safely, carefully and according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Financing for Your HVAC Repair Schaumburg or Furnace Installation Schaumburg is Available Today

Tem Control is delighted to be partnered with Lennox, the most trusted name in heating and cooling systems. Contact Tem Control, the leader in new Lennox systems, and speak to us about our great financing options available to you.