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Tem Control is very proud to be partnered with Lennox, most recognized experts in cooling and heating systems. Contact Tem Control for highest heating and cooling services and outstanding Lennox systems. Speak to us about the incredible financing options we have available.
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Technician servicing furnace installation

Tem Control in Homer Glen understands HVAC service. If you need furnace installation, furnace repair, replacement or any other HVAC services, our team has the best solution for you. We started our operations in 2006 in Algonquin, IL, and since then, our HVAC contractors have provided the highest quality of professional service through our expertise and skills.

There is no better way to ensure your home or business will feel comfortable throughout the year with Tem Control’s furnace installation and furnace repair Homer Glen experts. Every part of your heating system will operate efficiently with the help of our HVAC contractors. It includes your air purification systems, thermostat, and ventilation work. You can always count on our company to be there when you need furnace service Homer Glen area. We will bring you the expertise you want for your home or office.

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Furnace Installation Homer Glen Process Includes

Which furnace is right for you
We have many HVAC services Homer Glen produced and furnaces available at Tem Control, our HVAC Contractors Homer Glen will be happy to advise you on different models.
Choosing a manufacturer
We will discuss your finances and make a furnace installation Homer Glen estimate. We will advise you on different brands and models so you can make the best choice for your requirements.
Perform sizing calculations
Our contractors will take measurements and make calculations to ensure your furnace gives its best performance and efficiency. These include: house area, air infiltration rates, window layout and interior heat gain.
Selecting an efficiency rating
The energy efficiency of a furnace is how much energy it needs to use to work. The higher energy efficiency, the less energy it needs, which means lower energy bills.
Furnace installation
Our experienced HVAC contractors will arrive at your home, at a prearranged time and date. They will perform furnace Installation both skillfully and professionally.

Furnace Repair, Installation, Replacement.

The expertise of HVAC contractors Homer Glen and furnace repair services that Tem Control offers are complete services provided by professionals in the Homer Glen area.
Furnace repair and check-ups Homer Glen
To prevent expending big money on HVAC repair costs, you can count on Tem Control Homer Glen as they perform constant inspections of your unit. If any repair is necessary, we’ll get there when you require us.
Furnace Installation Homer Glen
If you are needing a new furnace installation, the HVAC service provided by Tem Control can guide you to help you choose the right unit for your home and then properly install it.
Furnace Replacement Homer Glen
HVAC components have a defined lifespan that will come to an end. You can call the furnace replacement Homer Glen experts at Tem Control as they can offer a heating repair very promptly.

Financing Your AC Repair or Furnace Installation is Available

Tem Control is the leading company when it comes to heating and cooling services Homer Glen area. Give us a call for your home comfort needs!

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