BlogHow You Can Make Your Older Home Warmer For Winter

February 16, 2021by admin

Winter makes it more challenging to upkeep an old house. There are two major factors that contribute to this: Insulation and Windows.


Back in the day, older homes were built with no insulation in mind. Homeowners had to be creative in keeping themselves warm. Contrary to this, with a more modern home, you can properly regulate the indoor temperature and keep the ambiance conducive. Because there is a proper insulation system in place, molds and decay have lesser chances of growing.


If you observe older homes, you will notice how most, if not all, are built with single-pane windows with substandard glass material. Contemporary homes start with double-pane windows at the least. These are more efficient and stronger for sustainable use.

How To ‘Caulk’ Your Windows

Here are simple ways that you can caulk your windows, trap more heat inside your old house, and stay comfortably warm during the cold season.

Let the Sunshine In

There is no more natural heater than the sun. Open up your curtains on a sunny day and let in rays of sunshine. This will quickly warm up your home interiors without needing to open your windows.

Install Heavy Drapery

Heavy window treatment can instantly ward off any cold air, preventing your home from getting cany chillier inside.

Insulate Your Attic

Older homes have more fragile walls, but you can insulate your attic, which is the coldest room in any house. Let professionals do it so they can properly install the right material and keep potential moisture buildup at bay.

Block Off Your Unused Fireplace

Open fireplaces are unsuspecting, but they make a sneaky escape route for warm air out towards your chimney and into the outdoors. Block them off so you can enjoy all the accumulated heat inside your home.

Modernize Your Heating System

With all these minor fixes done at your home, the best way to produce warmth inside remains to be installing a heavy-duty furnace.

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