BlogWhat You Need to Know Before Turning Your AC Back On

June 28, 2021by admin

As the temperatures rise you will want to start using your air conditioning. Before you do so, there are a few steps you should carry out:

1.Check the thermostat
Check for any clear damages on your thermostat, but also consider buying a newer more efficient model than the one you got with your original air conditioning installation -this can help save lots of energy.

2.Take off the protective cover and clean the condenser
Your condenser gets dirty over winter so you should hose it down before use. Do not use chemicals and avoid wiping as it can drive dust further inside. This is a key step to routine air conditioning service. Keep the cover off for the summer.

3.Clean up around the unit
Make sure the area around the compressor (about 12 inches) is free of plant material to avoid anything getting sucked in and causing build-up.
Also, make sure all vents indoors are free of clutter to allow for maximum airflow.

4.Check for leaking
A bit of condensation on the primary pipe is normal but any leaking from your secondary pipe (this is usually the one you can see) indicates a problem that requires air conditioning repair.

5.Check the drain line
A clogged drain can cause a lot of issues. You can do a minor clean with a cup of bleach and a gallon of water, but it is recommended to get professional maintenance by licensed HVAC contractors once a year.

6.Change your air filter
Your air filter is key to the good air quality and efficiency of your ac unit. You should change it every 3 months, or as often as stated by the manufacturer.

7.Check ductwork and refrigerant lines
Any leaks and poor insulation can greatly lower your unit’s efficiency. Insulation should always be repaired by professional HVAC contractors.

8.Check electrical wiring
Make sure all protective panels are in place and that no wires are damaged. Electrical safety is very important, do not miss this step.

9.Check Refrigerant liquid
This will only below if there is a leak somewhere! If the liquid appears low, call for an air conditioning service to solve the problem.
Once you feel confident, you can test your AC unit. Turn it on and:

10.Check the big copper coil
It should feel as cold as your fridge, but it doesn’t hurt to have an inspection to be sure your unit is running at its best.

11.Check for heat from the unit
If you feel hot air coming off of the unit this is a clear sign that you need ac repair.

12.Last, if you hear any excess unusual noises, or if your ac unit is moving a lot once turned on, immediately turn it off and call your local air conditioning service.
Even though you can perform most of these steps yourself, we encourage you to call our HVAC contractors for an inspection, so they can carry out the necessary maintenance and air conditioning repair to get your unit running at its best.